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With my babylove #bed #nomakeup
Anonymous said:


Beautiful and sweet love her make up

Anonymous said:


You already know she’s beautiful and dope

Anonymous said:


She’s beautiful love her hair

Anonymous said:


Don’t know her

Anonymous said:


I love her music she’s dope and very beautiful

Anonymous said:

I wanted to talk to your sister Damn where she go ?

mind her business

Anonymous said:

Which jordans you wearing in that last post ?

Air Jordan 12 retro ‘Taxi’

Anonymous said:

are you bi? would you ever do stuff with a girl?

No I’m not Bi I’m straight I’m as straight as al sharpton perm in his head , girls are beautiful I’m just not into them like that

Anonymous said:

Sometimes I be wanting to compliment you and tell you how Beautiful you are but you leave me speechless, you are just beyond Gorgeous & you got the most Beautiful smile😊 & also you have a Beautiful baby, God bless her❤️ Take Care❤️

aww thank you why are you anon? I’m sweet just talk to me but thanks again boo ☺️😘